Wouldn't it be a HUGE RELIEF to have a one-stop, simple platform to run your entire business?


Raise your hand if you have a gazillion software systems! You were told that you needed them to run your business. But more your business grew, so did the long list of software and expenses.

Now raise your hand if you want to rip your hair out trying to manage them all. Trying to figure out how to connect them... Learning how to use each one. Bouncing from one to another...

Not to mention the hefty costs!

Now raise both hands (and feet) if you've been praying for a way to "stick it to the tech-man, lower your costs, and finally simplify the whole damn thing - once and for all.


Your business isn’t just about making money.

It’s about making a difference for the clients whom you serve.

However, all too often, online service-based entrepreneurs become overwhelmed by cumbersome systems and processes that make business "too hard."

We find ourselves anxious and frustrated with complicated strategies that don't align to our mission, or feel gross.

“Try this system!” or “Use that software!” or "Build that funnel!"

Here's why so many people today are ready to "burn it all down."

Truthfully, your business success doesn't depend independently on...

... another pretty sales funnel.

... or sending emails out to your list.

... or creating another course.

... Or "launching" more often.

Your business success depends on your MARKETING, SALES, & COURSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS working together in harmony so that you're not burning-out, freaking-out, or selling-out.

So that you have the time, energy, and money to focus on client happiness, selling more digital products, and having a real life outside of your business.

But what if you could have a SIMPLE, LEAN WAY to bring together your marketing, sales, and courses one one platform...

And save hundreds of dollars each month?

Wouldn't that make you feel like a CEO?

make the switch TO SIMPLE.

Peanut butter. Grape jelly. Bread.

Chocolate. Marshmallows. Graham crackers.

Chips. Guacamole. Salsa.


Just like those classic trios, marketing, sales, and client delivery are the lifeblood of your business.

When you can effortlessly get more leads, convert them to clients, and solve their biggest problems, your business will thrive.

You'll be able to stop overworking and over-stressing yourself with overwhelming, anxiety-producing systems.

You can choose to make it SIMPLE.

WE'RE NOT just another pretty funnel builder.

CEO SIMPLE is a one-stop platform that allows you to run a simple, lean, successful business.

It's about removing obstacles. Not overthinking your marketing launches.

Breaking free from the "pack mentality" and doing what feels right for you.

And above all, creating the highest impact for your business and the clients you serve with the lowest amount of effort.

This is the philosophy we follow and teach in CEO SIMPLE.


No more cobbling disconnect software together.

No more ping-ponging between browser windows and software programs.

Stay focused. Stay on track. Stay sane.

Here's what CEO SIMPLE replaces...

Replace your Email Marketing platform:

ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Drip, etc.

Replace your Sales & Lead Funnel, & Website Software:

Clickfunnels, Leadpages, Squarespace, etc.

Replace your Form Builders:

Typeform, Jotform, Google Forms, etc.

replace Your Sales systems...

Replace your Appointment Schedulers:

Acuity, Calendly, Book Like a Boss, etc.

Replace your Sales Pipeline & CRMs:

ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, Pipedrive, dubsado, etc.

replace Your clunky Course systems...

Replace Your Course Platform:

Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkific, Membervault, etc.

For one incredible low monthly rate...

How much do your systems cost each month?

Run your business...


We help you build the system and processes that streamline and simplify the way you run your business.

You'll save money and scale your growth without having to build a big team.


Manage, track and analyze all of your email campaigns, welcome and nurture sequences, launch campaigns, and individual updates and communications.


Add an unlimited number of contacts and leads to your system. You won't feel limited or penny-pinched by the number of leads or clients in your account.


Never again will a lead fall through the cracks! Create unlimited pipelines to track, follow up, and follow through with leads and clients. Keep detailed notes on each person with easy CRM features.


Take back your most valuable resource -


Create simple workflows that automate manual, repetitive processes. And give your clients and leads immediate gratification!


Capture leads and client information through custom forms and surveys. Embed in your lead and sales funnels, websites, and connect to appointment types to capture the right info at the right time.


Create unlimited appointment types and scheduling options for you and your team to share easily with your leads and clients. Connects directly with your Google Calendar and Zoom.


Bring your potential customers through the right path at the right time. Create an unlimited number of lead magnets, sales pages, and websites that convert easily.


Build an unlimited number of courses, digital products, and memberships for your clients and customers. There are no limits...

(And yes... Video Hosting is included.)


Increase the speed of communication between your leads or clients. Create SMS campaigns, reminders, and 2-way messaging conversations.

Plus BONUSES that makes using CEO SIMPLE a breeze!



Get a headstart keepin' your business with pre-built pre-built email templates, sales funnels, scheduling templates, pipelines, workflows, and more. It's easy to get started!



Learn how to create and implement simple, practical systems and processes that save you time and money. You'll stay in your zone of genius and release the overwhelm.



Need support?

Pop a message to our Support team. And you'll have 24/7 access our ever-growing Help Center of videos and docs.

ceo simple is for you if...

  • You're an online coach, or program creator in marketing, health & wellness, or personal development niches.

  • You want a complete system that gives you simplicity AND expands as you grow - regardless of whether you're just starting your business journey or already into multi-6 figures annually. (AND you want it to be affordable regardless of where you are in your growth stage.)

  • You're not into the "bro-marketing" or hustle culture, and understand that there's more to running a business than following the pack and doing what everyone else does.

  • You work alone or with a small team and want to grow with ease and support as needed.

"Wendy literally saved my business. She's an amazing business and marketing systems partner...

She set up our entire sales system from the technology, to sales script, to helping to hire sales reps. And she helped on the operation side to make sure that our marketing-to-sales to onboarding process was super seamless..."

~ Kristin Thomas, CEO - Health & Wellness Business School

"Wendy is a powerhouse full of fresh and fun techniques for finding and converting your best leads to clients.

My favorite thing about working with Wendy is that her main goal is to make marketing simple and effective, and she doesn't let stale old rules get in the way of success."

~ Tobi Fairley - Award-Winning Interior Designer & DesignYou Program Creator.

"Wendy completely transformed my business! She really understands systems, operations, and marketing.

She streamlined and optimized my lead gen and sales so that the pre-qualification process produces more strategy calls with highly-qualified prospects who are ready and excited for coaching support..."

~ Jessica Yarbrough, Business Strategist for 7-Figure Coaches

Streamline, simplify, scale, & save.

It's time to make SWITCH TO SIMPLE.

If you've ever wished there was an affordable, streamline system that would help you run your business and reduce your effort, this is made for you. Start saving hundreds of dollars every month when you switch today.

join now and lock into Founding Member Pricing!

(Price will increase in Fall, 2022)


$89/MO or $890/YEAR

$200 Setup fee waived

(Regular price $104/month)

Unlimited Contacts & Leads

Email Marketing & Campaign Sending**

Unlimited Calendars for Scheduling

CRM & Visual Sales Stages

Unlimited Automations

SMS/Text Messaging**

Unlimited Forms & Surveys

Unlimited Team Members

Unlimited Sales Funnels & Landing Pages

Unlimited Websites & Domains

Unlimited Courses, Products, & Memberships

Native Video Hosting in Courses



Private Onboarding Call to get you setup fast


Weekly Office Hours Support (Thursdays)


CEO SIMPLE Templates inside your account


Switch-To-SIMPLE Migration Planner

#5 {Annual Pay Bonus}

The complete Micro Audio Summit™️ System

and pre-built templates added to your account^


$59/MO or $590/YEAR

$200 Setup fee waived

(Regular price $74/month)

Unlimited Contacts & Leads

Email Marketing & Campaign Sending**

Unlimited Calendars for Scheduling

CRM & Visual Sales Stages

Unlimited Automations

SMS/Text Messaging**

Unlimited Forms & Surveys

Unlimited Team Members

Unlimited Sales Funnels & Landing Pages

Unlimited Websites & Domains

Unlimited Courses, Products, & Memberships

Native Video Hosting in Courses



Private Onboarding Call to get you setup fast


Weekly Office Hours Support (Thursdays)


CEO SIMPLE Templates inside your account


Switch-To-SIMPLE Migration Planner


The complete Micro Audio Summit™️ System

and pre-built templates added to your account

*Lock in Founding Member pricing on Annual Plans. Founding Members on Monthly Pricing Plans will increase by just $15/mo on July 1, 2024..

**Your account includes up to 10k emails sent per month. Overages are billed at $.002 per email per month. SMS/text messaging requires a private Twilio account..

^Access to the Micro Audio Summit System & Training Portal as long as you're a member of CEO SIMPLE.

"Wendy is the systems QUEEN!

She has an uncanny ability to see how to increase efficiency, streamline operations, and make things super simple. I'm so grateful for her support!!

You need her ninja ops brain on your business.

~ Jacqueline Yvette, Marketing & Messaging Mentor to 7-Figure Coaches

"I had some difficulties with getting the right quality prospects on the phone.

Wendy was able to help me implement some simple systems and strategies to be able to increase the quality of leads.

Now I have a higher closing rates and much better quality of leads."

~ Lattice Hudson, Business Coach for Creators with High-Ticket Offers

"Wendy is amazing at putting together systems that helps your business excel!

She has solutions for business growth and savvy ways to draw in ideal clients.

You get a business solution along with powerful to ways to attract your ideal clients into your business."

~ Dr. Faith, Chiropractor & Trainer

CEO Simple is created for

Online entrepreneurs & coaches like us!

I'm Wendy Breakstone - founder of CEO SIMPLE and creator of the Micro Audio Summit™️ System.

If you're an digital entrepreneur, coach, or program creator and want break free from "bro-marketing" and the hustle culture, then CEO SIMPLE is for you.

You can run your business with one unified system, and learn the secrets to expanding your audience, growing your email list, and being well-known as the expert in your niche.

All without burning-out, freaking-out, or selling-out.

For the past 20-ish years, I've consulted and mentored dozens of service-based online entrepreneurs who struggled with marketing systems, sales, and operations ~ and needed to simplify in order to create sustainable, long-lasting growth.

When you use the CEO SIMPLE System, you have a complete marketing, sales, and program delivery system that reduces your stress, dramatically lowers your overhead costs, and helps you run your business like a badass CEO.

got questions? we've got answers...

What exactly is CEO SIMPLE?

CEO SIMPLE is founded by Wendy Breakstone with the philosophy that you can shrink your effort, and grow your business with no stress and low overhead.


1) A marketing, sales, and client delivery platform where you can run your business seamlessly.

2) Systems and operations support to make growing your business impactful and fun.

Can I take a look before I buy?

ABSOLUTELY! Watch a quick demo and schedule a live sneak peek here.

You'll discover how CEO SIMPLE will streamline and simplify your marketing, sales, and client delivery!

Do I need to move my entire business to CEO SIMPLE?

Nope. You can use CEO SIMPLE for the areas of your marketing, sales, or delivery that you want.

You can continue to consolidate your software to CEO SIMPLE over time. It's prices and built to grow with you.

What sets CEO SIMPLE apart from other offers?

Some platforms focus on pretty funnels. Some focus on selling physical products.

While others offer done-for-you work and mark it up... big time!

CEO SIMPLE and Wendy Breakstone focus on helping female online coaches and program creators to streamline and simplify their systems and process across your entire marketing, sales and client delivery. This allows you to truly be the CEO of your business and take charge!

FOR HELP AND QUESTIONS: Send us an email to: help@ceosimple.io OR send us a message vis SMS in the web chat.

CEO SIMPLE™️ and Micro Audio Summit™️ are a registered trademark owned by Wendy Breakstone, Wow Your Prospects LLC. All rights reserved

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